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Teaching Schedule

Mondays:                       8:45-9:45am:  Gentle Yoga @ LVO YMCA Marblehead 

Tuesdays:                     10:45-11:45am: Chair Yoga @ LVO YMCA Marblehead

                                           6:15-7:15pm: Slow Flow Yoga @ LVO YMCA Marblehead

Thursdays:                   9:30-10:30am: Yoga Flow @ Torigian YMCA Peabody

                                           2-3pm- Chair Yoga @ Swampscott Senior Center 

Fridays:                         11am-12pm: Chair Yoga @ Torigian YMCA Peabody

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: Perfect for beginners or those seeking a more gentle yoga practice. We will incorporate mindful breathing, meditation, and movement through a series of basic yoga poses in order to improve strength and flexibility,  promote relaxation, and help balance the mind and body.  Modifications will be offered, and participants are encouraged to move, feel, and connect with their bodies with acceptance and compassion.

Slow Flow/Yoga Flow: A moderately paced vinyasa (flow) yoga practice suitable for anyone who would like to create energy and movement in the body. We will begin with a series of safe and mindful warm-ups, then combine body, breath and movement while flowing through postures that build strength and improve flexibility and balance. Suitable for most levels, but some yoga experience is recommended. 

Chair Yoga ("Inclusive Yoga"):  A unique style of yoga that adapts traditional yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair. In this class we will practice the fundamentals of yoga, including meditation, mindful breathing, and a series of seated (in chairs) and standing poses, all without having to get down onto the floor. This class is ideal for (but not limited to) beginners, curvy bodies, seniors, people with knee issues or other physical limitations, or anyone looking for a kinder, gentler approach to yoga. If you have always wanted to try yoga, but thought they weren't flexible enough, or felt intimidated in a traditional yoga class, this class is for you!!!