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Chair Yoga Teacher Trainings

Now Offering an Online Format (live via Zoom)

"Yoga has always been for everyone. We as teachers just aren't great at teaching accessibly"

-Matthew Sandford, Founder of Opening Yoga to Everyone adaptive yoga program

About the Training

A Yoga Alliance accredited training designed for yoga teachers , yoga teachers-in-training, yoga therapists, wellness/healthcare practitioners, or anyone with students or clients who may have difficulty getting down on the floor due to age, body size, inflexibility or other physical limitations. Chair yoga is an ideal way to create a welcoming and accessible space for anyone, in any body, to practice yoga. It is also a useful way to incorporate yoga into a classroom or therapeutic setting, or any place where sitting or lying on the floor may not be ideal. When we bring our yoga practice off the floor and into a chair, it becomes easier to integrate into a variety of different settings.

Participants will receive a training manual, a certificate, and are eligible to receive Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. This training is open to non-yoga teachers who have at least 20 hours of yoga experience.

In this twelve hour training, participants will learn to:

• Effectively plan and teach safe and transformative chair yoga classes

• Creatively adapt yoga poses to fit the needs of the students

• Discern student limitations and identify precautions and contraindications

• Incorporate meditation, breath work and relaxation techniques into any chair yoga class

• Bring all the joys and benefits of yoga to a wider variety of students/clients


Stacey did an EXCELLENT job in this course! I was so energized to learn the material and feel this is a very important class.

5 Stars!!! This class was so well organized and presented, I cannot express how thankful I am for having the opportunity to take this class! I cannot believe what I learned! It was amazing.- Laura C.

Thank you for an amazing class. I loved your style, the format and my fellow students. I learned a lot and hope to continue learning. - Liz N.

Thanks so much, Stacey. I also wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed the training this weekend. What I appreciated the most was the emphasis on the framework and benchmarks for creating accessible chair yoga classes. In so many yoga trainings, we see a very black and white approach to asana, and I appreciated the focus on flexibility, adaptability, and keeping true to your voice as a teacher. I can't tell you how many trainings (although I suspect you already experience this!) stress absolutes in language, alignment, and structure. I feel like I walked away from this training with the tools that I need to teach classes that are safe, accessible, and true to myself as a teacher. It was such a wonderful group of people, and the environment of mutual learning was refreshing. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone in the future!

Thank you so much!- Malissa B.

Thanks for the lovely training and helping me become a confident chair yoga teacher!- Asha R.

Thank you so much for a packed and valuable training this weekend. I found it thorough and empowering, and hope to be able to put some of your guidance to good use as the pandemic evolves/eases.- Barbara T.

For studio owners:

​​If you are interested in co-hosting an online workshop, you will receive a percentage of the registration fee and a free registration to attend. In exchange, you will be asked to help market the workshop and handle all  the registrations. I will do everything else. An average registration fee, (which is up to the studio host) is about $300. Typically the training is held over  a weekend, and is divided into three sessions: Friday eve 6:30-8:30pm, Saturday 12-5pm, Sunday 12-4:30pm. Please visit my contact page if you would like to discuss booking a training. Or contact me at [email protected]