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Workshops and Events

I am available for group workshops and other private group instruction, including chair yoga, curvy yoga, and traditional yoga, as well as therapeutic yoga workshops for addiction behaviors, eating disorders and emotional healing.  See below for a detailed description of these workshops.

Thrilled and honored to be a part of this....

Radical Body Positive Workshop 


Lindsey Averill, co-creator of the movie Fattitude

Sunday, May 6, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Newton, MA

Here is Lindsey's description of the workshop:

"Radically transforming our relationship to our bodies is a hefty task. When it comes to body love at any size, the odds are stacked against us. Every screen, every billboard, and even every friend or co-worker seems to be constantly relaying the message that bodies are never good enough. This is a lie.

Bodies are good enough. Not ten pounds from now, not once you buy that new hair product or teeth whitener, not when someone else loves you or once you get enough instagram followers – your body is good enough right now. In fact, your body is better than good enough; it’s mind-blowingly cool and downright miraculous.

It’s time to fall radically in love with yourself, you deserve it.

This workshop is sometimes a beginning, sometimes it’s a refresher. It is a space where we come together to delight in and celebrate our totally amazing bodies. There is some self-reflection, there is a lot of laughter and play, there is some investigation into the toxic culture of body hatred and sometimes there are tears – but mostly this is a space where we build the strength to be the peaceful empowered warriors of the body love movement".

Workshop Schedule

9:00am: Intros and Love/Live Your Body Movement w/Lindsey

10:30am “Body Rocks”

11:15am: Curvy Chair Yoga w/Stacey Lubets

12:15pm: Lunch and Play

1:00pm: “Shake off the Shame,” w/Lindsey – an interactive discussion about perceiving, overturning and surmounting culturally created foundations 

of body hatred

2:00pm: Closing Conversation – “Tools to help you Radically Embrace Your Body Everyday” and Love Letters to Ourselves.

2:45pm Workshop Concludes, Regroup at

4:30pm at the Screening of Fattitude at Somerville Theater

Included: All materials for the day, Lunch, VIP seating at the Fattitude Screening

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes, as we will move our bodies.

This is event is sponsored by MEDA and Metrowest Nutrition.

Stacey Lubets is a certified yoga instructor with a speciality in curvy yoga.

Lindsey Averill is many things - a mom, a filmmaker, a teacher, an academic, a writer, an activist, an aspiring novelist, a sake and sushi lover, a notorious trashy television watcher, an odd beauty secret keeper, an amazing dancer... really, the list is endless. Lindsey received her M.F.A in Writing from Emerson College and Ph. D. in the Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University. The focus of Lindsey’s research is feminism, fat civil rights and the representation of fat bodies in popular culture. From 2005 to 2016 Lindsey worked as a college professor teaching women’s studies, literature and writing courses. In her spare time, Lindsey writes stuff for lots of cool media outlets, like CNN, xojane,, The Huffington Post, Alternet, Refinery29, and Bustle. Lindsey has also written academic stuff where she speaks to feminism – or a lack there of in young adult novels – like Twilight and the Hunger Games. Basically, Lindsey is one of those public intellectual types, who has dedicated her life to ending the hateful relationships people have with their bodies and changing the national conversation about body image so that it focuses on effect the very real issues of bias and systemic prejudice.


Sun, May 6, 2018

9:00 AM – 2:30 PM EDT


MEDA (Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association)

288 Walnut Street

Suite 130

Newton, MA 02460

To learn more and purchase tickets, click below

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Bodykind Yoga

A Therapeutic Workshop for Disordered Eating 

I currently teach yoga classes at Walden Behavioral Care, one of the leading eating disorder treatment centers in the country.  Studies have shown that yoga can be a powerful tool in the treatment of disordered eating. I know this firsthand because yoga played a key role in helping me heal from my own disordered eating patterns. Based on personal experience and professional training, I created this workshop to offer participants new tools and practices that will help them find balance both on and off the mat. 

Here is a sample of what participants will explore...

  • simple yoga breathing techniques to calm the mind and relieve stress, anxiety and other emotional issues
  • yoga poses that allow you to move and experience sensations in the body
  • how to observe yourself in poses, without judgment
  • balance poses for mindfulness, focus and empowerment
  • how to be more present
  • the power of meditation
  • ways to have a better relationship with the body
  • community: the opportunity to share, support and connect with others dealing with similar issues 

This workshop is suitable for anyone (in any size body) who is sick and tired of body loathing, yo-yo dieting, obsessing over calories, binge eating, restrictive eating, or a combination of both. If you have bought into the idea that your  self-worth is based on a number on the scale, or you are simply looking for a way to let go of negative self-talk and move toward self-acceptance, this workshop is for you.

Please click the link below to contact me if you are interested in attending or hosting a BodyKind Yoga workshop.

Contact me


Modeled from the meetings of 12-step programs, Y12SR combines the structure of a 12-step meeting with the practices and philolosphies of yoga. The program was created by Nikki Myers in 2003 and is now offered throghout the country and internationally. Y12SR is a relapse prevention program designed to support and offer healing to addicts and persons affected by addiction.

Those familiar with addiction, understand that it creates behaviors that disconnect us from not only ourselves, but also our friends, our families and everyone and everything around us. Conversely, yoga itself means union, integration, balance. Each meeting consists of a group sharing circle and an intentional yoga class. 

As a certified Y12SR leader, I am available to bring this amazing program to your community. All meetings are donation-based, open to the public and all are welcome to attend.  One does not need to currently be attending a 12-step program or practice yoga to participate. Y12SR is not intended to replace 12-step meetings or any aspect of a 12-step recovery program. Rather, it’s a helpful tool for fully addressing the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction. All "A's" are welcome, and yoga experience is not necessary.

To learn more about the Y12SR organization, click the link below. If you are interesting in offering or attending a Y12SR program in your community,  please email me at [email protected]

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Embody Love Movement

I am honored and grateful to be a certified workshop facilitator for an amazing program called Embody Love Movement.  An Embody Love Workshop is a transformational three-hour journey for teen aged girls or women  that explores how society defines "beauty", explores our own negative thoughts, then guides participants into embracing a new self concept of radical acceptance through experiential exercises that will uplift your spirit and guide you into a new place of compassion in your heart. 

Participants will explore and experience:

  • Dismantling the "beauty myth"
  • Changing the conversation from criticism to kindness
  • An embodied yoga experience
  • Committing to being kind to ourselves, and therefore each other
  • Seeing and experiencing ourselves as worthy from the inside out
  • Recognizing our contributions through conscious activism

The goal of this workshop is to set new intentions about how people feel, think, and speak to themselves and others.

To learn more about Embody Love Movement, click the link below. If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop, email me at  [email protected].

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With gratitude....

With heartfelt gratitude to Give Back Yoga Foundation and Gaiam for their generous donation of yoga mats. To learn more or to make a donation to this wonderful 

organization, visit

Workshops and Events

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